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Melfi itinerary
Situated on a volcanic terrace on the slopes of the mountain Vulture, Melfi together its castle is known because of its famous inhabitant: Federico II di Savoia.
It was the homeland of Orazio, one of the greatest poets of the Roman era, as well as homeland of Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa, music maker of the Renaissance. Melfi is one of the most beautiful “villages” in Italy.


  • Archaeological excavations belonging to the Roman Venosa;
  • Chiesa SS. Trinità – up to the beginning of the 80’s, talking about the Trinità di Venosa (Trinity of Venosa) was a clear reference to the famous statue of the Incompiuta;
  • The Incompiuta – this church was built in harmony with the old church and represents one of the most fascinating examples of something “left undone” in Italian architecture. The walls of the church includes many Roman and Jewish fragments so that the church is like a book, that stone after stone tells the history of this monuments that where disused when they were built. That is the reason of the the Incompiuta charm;
  • Il Castello del Balzo – this great building became an art centre thanks to Prince Carlo Gesualdo; the rooms of the castle still echo the old madrigals. Inside the castle you’ll find the National Archaeological Museum;
  • La Cattedrale di S. Andrea - the cathedral was built from 1470 to 1502 by Pirro del Balzo. The front, totally rebuilt, has a simple marble door built in 1512 by Cola di Conza; a hall with a gate stays before the entry and keeps unaltered fragments of a decoration, some coat of arms and headstones with some inscriptions belonging to the Roma era.

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