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Sasso Caveoso Itinerary

  • The tour starts from Piazza San Pietro Caveoso;
  • The first stop is in the Rione Malve to visit the rock-hewn church of Santa Lucia, belonging to a Byzantine building block dating back to the IX century. Inside this church you can enjoy frescoes belonging to the XI and XVII century;
  • Casa Grotta - This is a typical cave dwelling with furniture and tools of the time. It mirrors the real life of peasantry families also described by Carlo Levi in his book "Cristo si è fermato ad Eboli"  (Christ stopped at Eboli) : < I saw the beds, the poor furnishings and the sheets hung out. Dogs, sheep, goats and pigs laid on the floor. Usually, every family had only one cave room so that men, women, children and animals slept all together>.
  • Piazza Pascoli - This square stands in the baroque part of this millenary town, here you find Palazzo Lanfranchi, an ex convent built in the XVII century. This building is the Museum of Medieval and Modern art of Basilicata and shows masterpieces of contemporary artists but also examples of holy art, among which you can find some Carlo Levi's canvas and a private collection belonging to the Neapolitan school dating back to the XVII century.
  • Via Ridola - Along this street you will find the Domenico Ridola National Museum, one of the most interesting museums in Europe because of its Paleolithic and Neolithic finds but also evidences belonging to Greater Greece. Near the museum you can admire the baroque church of Santa Chiara.
  • Piazza del Sedile - This is a square dating to the XVII century, it was the local seat of government in 1540. On the front there are 4 statues symbolizing Fairness, Strength, Common sense and Prudence.
  • Piazza Duomo - seat of the Cathedral (XIII century A.C.). It is a mixture of art and faith: art thought as the greatest expression of man, faith as a point of reference during the centuries.

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