La Casa di Lucio

Feeling at home…
by Lucio.

Too often, being a tourist means feeling like strangers. Not with us, not at the Casa di Lucio. Here you can see and appreciate the most authentic soul of Matera, discover

the daily habits of its inhabitants, learn about their customs and share their traditions.

You will be able to smell the bread baked by our neighbors, watch the kids play ball in the alleys

and a loving couple exchanging a kiss on one of the countless stairways in our neighborhoods.

For us this is really feeling at home.

Historic dwellings

Beyond just sleeping

The city
of Sassi.

Matera is the city you don’t expect, the place where everything is possible.

The landscape makes it special, the Sassi instead make it unique in the world.

Here it seems that time has stopped, here it seems to be elsewhere.

This is why Matera should not simply be visited, it should be experienced.

Experiences to live

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